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Les Saintétiques, novel

Maquette de couverture du roman "les Saintétiques"

Les Saintétiques

This novel of anticipation is the first volume of a cycle in 3 volumes,
entitled “Posthuman Kind Cycle”.
Subtitle of Volume 1: The War of Transhumanism.
(Expected release: 2023)
Sous-titre du Tome 1 : La guerre du transhumanisme.
(Sortie prévue : 2023)

Author: Jean-Rémi Deléage aka Jon Ender.

Summary of the book: to be continued…
Model illustration image:
Wall painted by Mark Bode, CUBA, and Stan 153 – USA (cc)

I made several model projects, one very dark evoking the future war that is looming, and the other based on a painting by René Magritte, “The Son of Man” (1964). It shows a man standing in front of a wall and a seascape, with an apple in front of his face. Only his left eye is visible. We would like to see the face behind the apple. We can only guess at it. This painting also evokes for me the “shadow character”, not necessarily the archetypal faceless transnational, but rather the one that hides in ourselves, multiple, for better or for worse. The apple is the mythical and mystical fruit par excellence, symbol of immortality and wisdom (the golden apple). It also represents knowledge, and, placed here, indicates that the brain is the “matter of intelligence”, a fundamental issue of the 21st century for some transhumanists. Rightly or wrongly…?

Anciennes-couvertures pour le roman les Saintétiques

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