We are a non-Aristotelian Publisher

We publish Literature of the future in Science-fiction and Human Sciences

Our objective is to promote all literature that allows us to think about the future with a non-aristotelian approach: science fiction and anticipation novels, innovative scientific works in the fields of human and social sciences, in psychotherapy for example (IFS). And more broadly, all works that open up fields of understanding beyond binary logics and psychological structures that are not conducive to the expansion of thought and perception, and that allow us to better anticipate the transformations of contemporary societies.

For our non-Aristotelian editorial approach (explaining the Null-A name of our Editions), “the map is not the territory”, “the observable phenomenon depends on the observer”, to name but two examples of extensive thinking. The matter of living things is not assembled by logic. The circular successions of causality that exist in nature, very quickly make Aristotelian logic paradoxical. Note that the word “Null” does not have a privative meaning here, but an extensive one. Just as quantum mechanics is not anti-newtonian, the Null-A is not anti-Aristotelian. In both cases, the previous mode of understanding is only a local system of explanation included in a new wider, even multidimensional approach.

In short, we wish, with you, to propose books that provide tools that help understanding the increasingly complex world in which we live and will live.


One more thing...

Les Éditions du Ā is a place dedicated to debate about fiction, futurology, and innovative approaches. Our editions focus on the study of tomorrow’s issues from an anthropological point of view, to see how they can enlighten and even seed our futures.

This editorial space is open to multiple disciplines: anthropology, social psychology, ethnology, psychotherapy, philosophy of knowledge, aesthetics, history, literature… And beyond, as the philosopher Michel Serres says, since thought needs to “wander off the beaten track, even if it means freeing itself from methods, because the human being only creates by wandering.

It is therefore natural that we are interested here in scientific studies and research on posthumanism, innovative psychology, cognitive sciences, utopias and political dystopias, artificial intelligence (AI) and robots, or psychohistory, without forgetting of course general semantics…

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