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Who we are

We publish Literature of the future in psychology, social Sciences & science fiction

IFS Psychologie Livres SF

Les Éditions du non-A is the publisher of literatures of the future in psychology, social sciences & science fiction. We publish books that allow us to think about the future with a “non-Aristotelian” approach – abbreviation Ā or non-A – meaning open-minded & non-binary.

We focus on: psychology, life stories, futuristic novels, essays, children’s stories… any innovative book that helps to sharpen human awareness and better anticipate the changes taking place in contemporary societies. In particular, our publishing house offers a collection – Les Clés de l’IFS – which addresses the human condition and its relationship with itself and the world through the innovative model of the Inner Family System.

Off the beaten track…

Our editorial space is open to a wide range of disciplines: anthropology, social psychology, ethnology, psychotherapy, philosophy of knowledge, aesthetics, history, literature… And “beyond”, as the philosopher Michel Serres put it, because thought must “wander off the beaten track, even if it means freeing itself from methods, because man only creates by wandering”.

So it’s only natural that we should focus here on scientific studies and research into posthumanism, innovative psychology, cognitive science, political utopias and dystopias, artificial intelligence (AI) and robots, psychohistory and, of course, general semantics…

IFS Psychologie Livres SF

For the non-Aristotelian editorial approch, “the map is not the territory”, “the observable phenomenon depends on the observer”, to name but two examples of broad thinking. The matter of living things is not put together by logic. The circular sequences of causality that exist in nature quickly render Aristotelian logic paradoxical.

Please note that the term “not” here does not have a privative meaning, but an extensive one. Just as quantum mechanics is not anti-Newtonian, non-A is not anti-Aristotelian. Just as the new history (of interbeing) so dear to Charles Eisenstein does not destroy the old history (of separation), but contains it by displacing it. In both cases, the previous ways of understanding and acting are no more than a local system of explanation embedded in a new, broader, even multidimensional approach.

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